Combining DeFi standards

in a just manner

A non-inflationary, farmable DeFi token, fully audited, registered as a US-based LLC, and brought to you by a non-anonymous dev team.

Liquidity Event closes Monday, November 9th just before 20:00 UTC.


JusDeFi is a next-generation yield farming experiment, combining some of the most exciting features
from today’s biggest players in DeFi with revolutionary new tokenomics.
Participants can stake JDFI tokens directly (or to stake LP for even larger rewards) and our unique
fee structure powers the burn and buyback systems which in turn drive price action.
Whenever you unstake your JDFI, a fee will be charged. Half goes into the staking rewards pool,
and the other half is burned. This unstaking fee is dynamic, and changes weekly based on community governance.

This unique combination of mechanisms will give the token strong
deflationary momentum, creating scarcity and constant buy pressure.


JusDeFi  is a relaunch of AmplyFi.
The original idea was intriguing, the hype was huge, and over 500 people decided to take the leap.

This exciting project was cut short by an exit scam from one of its developers following its liquidity event.
Five of the victims came together with the idea to relaunch the token under a new name.

This new team - two solidity experts, two marketing and strategy professionals,

and a front-end designer - dug through the code for days.

It quickly became clear that there was a lot of potential for improvements,

and the decision was made to rewrite the code base from the ground up.

And so, in order to bring justice to the victims and value to all,

JusDeFi was created

Liquidity & Staking

Both JDFI and JDFI-LP can be staked, with liquidity providers earning triple rewards.
Anyone who wants to “compound their interest” by reinvesting their pending dividend rewards can do so for no fee with the click of a button!
Rewards will be paid out dynamically to all token holders based on the size of

the total rewards pool and the current fee rate.

Community-Governed Fees

Depending on the desires of the community, the fee will re-adjust anywhere between
0% and 20% at the end of each week. The community will place weekly bids to control the fee.
Increase or decrease the staking fee depending on YOUR desires!
A sigmoid curve weights all bids and ensures that even the smallest bid can
move the fee drastically. 

Token Burn & Buyback

JusDeFi drives value with frequent and aggressive token burns.
Token burns are a safe and structured way to increase the value of
the remaining tokens by lowering the overall supply.
There are three different ways that JusDeFi burns tokens:

• Half of all unstaking fees will be burned

• All ETH collected from the fee bidding will be used to buy back

and burn tokens at market price

• The original liquidity will be dynamically removed and burned as

new liquidity is added by users

Victim Compensation

Compensating AmplyFi victims was the original purpose of this project.
It was crucial to find a fair solution for the original investors and new investors alike.
While we cannot get back the money that was stolen, we can still bring value to these victims.

And so, every wallet that participated in the AmplyFi presale will receive an equal amount of
JDFI tokens, pre-staked and earning rewards from day one.

These 10,000 tokens — the Justice Fund— will be locked into the protocol.

Token Allocation

Liquidity Event

Liquidity is currently live and closes Monday, November 9th just before 20:00 UTC.

If the goal is not met, all remaining tokens will be permanently burned.

The initial price for the liquidity event will remain 0.25 ETH/JDFI.

All ETH collected during this event will be locked into the initial Uniswap liquidity pool.

Audit & Smart Contract Release

JusDefi has been professionally audited by Callisto Network.
Our smart contracts are publicly available on GitHub, and will be verified on Etherscan as soon as they are deployed.
Stay updated via Telegram, Twitter, and Discord!

Latest Updates

November 5th:

JusDeFi has completed our third-party audit with no issues found.

View the audit report here.


Luca Ben Yosef

Our lead designer, responsible for front end and product design,

is Luca Ben Yosef.

Visit his LinkedIn.

Nick Barry

Our lead developer, responsible for writing our smart contracts and for coding the front end of the site,

is Nick Barry.

Visit his LinkedIn and GitHub.

Connor Pelcher

Heading up marketing and strategy for the project is Connor Pelcher. Visit his LinkedIn.

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